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The Informed Sources Way

Informed Sources adopts a fully transparent process when implementing a new program. We partner with our clients involving and updating them each and every step of the way.


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An optional precursor to this program implementation phase that is of particular use in new markets, is the Intensive Study.

An Intensive Study  is a mini program that tests the current assumptions held in a particular market. The theories are, at that point unsubstantiated and it is the purpose of the Intensive Study to shed light on the real market picture. At the close of an Intensive Study, the survey outcomes are analysed and in collaboration with the client, a decision is made as to whether or not an ongoing, large scale program would be beneficial for the business.

Upon deciding to proceed with an Informed Sources business intelligence program, the planned implementation phase begins. The client is consulted to ensure the core objectives have been properly identified and required deliverables well documented. The program design is then fine tuned to meet these prerequisites and presented to the client along with the contract for authorisation.

All tasks necessary to successfully set-up the program are charted with Team Leader/s nominated to be responsible for each component. Throughout this initialisation period the client is regularly updated and advised as key milestones are reached. Particularly with new or large programs, a trial period is scheduled to allow for any 'debugging' and 'tweaking' to be addressed prior to the program going 'live'.

No market environment or business is static, which makes regular Review & Consultation an integral part of the ongoing management of each client program, well beyond the implementation stage.

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