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Enhance your business's Continual Improvement plan by incorporating an independent Compliance Audit program to your strategy and operational mix. Measure performance; adherence to operational standards and company policy; customer service levels; promotional campaign activity; presentation; health & safety guidelines; point-of-difference initiatives.

These programs:

  • Provide independent verification of your organisation's level of compliance to relevant Government Legislation and Regulation Acts (including environmental initiatives)
  • Provide a quantifiable and unbiased performance measurement tool to assist with the management of renewable business contracts - highlighting the level of adherence to the agreed terms and conditions (key performance indicators KPIs)
  • Encourage positive competition within an organisation when partnered with an effective Reward and Recognition program
  • Assist with defining and refining company policy and procedures
  • Identify areas for further training and development
  • Effectively form the 'groundwork' to Management Meetings regarding performance and improvement planning

Compliance Audit programs are highly effective as they do not require the surveys to be conducted in a covert manner. The auditor can be on-site for a longer duration, resulting in the ability to perform more extensive and technical compliance tests.

Make your Compliance Audit program more powerful by  incorporating a Mystery Shop component to obtain an actionable 'whole of business' report complete with an 'unexpected' customer perspective.

Effective Compliance Audit programs can only be created in close consultation with each client to ensure workable result sets are delivered.

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