Accurate, Reliable, Timely

Government & Regulatory Bodies

Governments and regulatory bodies around the world rely on Informed Sources to provide them with a true picture of what is actually happening out in the marketplace. Whether it is reporting the prices petrol is being sold across the country, checking that cigarette packets are not being openly displayed to the public, or alerting them of inflated prices during the implementation of a Goods and Services Tax, they need to be able to depend on the information at hand. Informed Sources has proven capability in delivering data that is accurate, reliable and timely.

Three of the main reasons Governments seek assistance from Informed Sources, are:

  1. Compliance Surveys - to ensure that enacted legislation is correctly implemented and continues as a marketplace reality
  2. Consumer Awareness & Protection (keeping everyone honest) - educating the public of the way select industries operate, what to look out for and how to become a more discerning consumer
  3. Qualitative Research - custom surveys that are designed to provide the department/agency with a better understanding of what is happening in the market and determine nominated industry trends


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